TALLAHASSEE – The state’s legislature formally sent 18 bills to Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday, including a measure which would prevent local regulations on food-delivery platforms.

The Senate bill, which unanimously passed before the March 8 end of the annual legislative session, would “preempt” local regulations, giving oversight of food delivery platforms to the state.

The bill also would prevent food delivery companies from taking orders or arranging deliveries of food from restaurants without the consent of the restaurants. In addition, delivery platforms could not unilaterally offer prices that are different from what are listed on restaurant menus.

Businesses that provide their own food delivery would not be affected by the measure.

Other bills sent to DeSantis included a measure (HB 241) that would require health insurance plans for state workers to cover skin cancer screenings and a measure (HB 591) aimed at helping prevent the deaths of children left in hot cars. DeSantis can sign, veto or allow the bills to become law without his signature.

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