Valentine’s Day: Make brownie cookies

Make this heart-shaped brownie cookie for Valentine’s Day.

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Papa Johns

For a savory treat in a sweet shape, head to Papa Johns for an unsliced, thin-crust, one-topping heart-shaped pizza priced at $15.99.


This Holly Street bakery and ice cream shop, which is vegan and gluten-free, will offer a variety of Valentine’s Day menu items, including heart-shaped ice cream cakes, heart-shaped sugar cookies and heart-shaped biscuits.

Bakery Lorraine

Another Austin bakery located on Rock Rose Avenue, Bakery Lorraine, will serve up heart-shaped moon pies and tarts, among other regularly shaped Valentine’s Day desserts.

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Enjoy either a pre-made heart-shaped cookie cake or a heart-shaped cookie decorating kit from this Lakeway Drive bakery. The kit comes with 12 plain cookies, toppings and homemade buttercream.


This one’s a bit of a cheat since it isn’t actually the food that’s heart-shaped — it’s the tray. But I think we can all agree that’s still very cute. Trays can hold either 30-count nuggets, 10-count Chick-n-Minis, 12 chocolate fudge brownie halves or six chocolate chunk cookies.

Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies offers heart-shaped cookie cakes with a variety of different phrases, including “I’m crazy about you,” “Be my Valentine,” and “Te amo.”


Doughnut lovers can enjoy classic-filled donuts such as Boston Kreme and chocolate creme in heart-shaped shells. There are also two limited-edition, heart-shaped doughnuts:

  • Cupid’s Choice Donut, which is Bavarian Kreme with strawberry-flavored icing and sprinkles
  • Brownie Batter Donut, which has a brownie batter-flavored butter creme filling and chocolate icing on top

Krispy Kreme

Another doughnut option, Krispy Kreme, has four new heart-shaped treats:

  • Your Color My World
  • I Love You A Choco-Lot
  • You’re Berry Sweet
  • Without You I’d Crumble

The first has cake batter-flavored filling, while the second obviously has chocolate filling. The third features white creme filling and strawberry-flavored icing, and the fourth has cookie dough-flavored filling and a chocolate chip cookie crumble.

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